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Aquasolve is a biocide free surfactant that dissolves water into fuel. This is achieved by breaking down elements at molecular level. Aquasolve causes hydroxyl migration which bonds the hydrogen to the long chain carbon (fuel), thus eradicating the water content. The fuel is now without any water which prevents corrosion or oxidisation of engine parts. The fuel burn is improved boosting engine performance.

Aquasolve Fixes Problems with fuel

When fuel leaves a refinery it is already contaminated with water. This problem worsens throughout the delivery process. Water in fuel tanks inhibit engine performance and often can be observed showing symptoms of fuel starvation, even though there is plenty of fuel available. Components rapidly wear and oxidise resulting in injection damage and ultimately seizure.

Hydroscopic attraction occurs during handling of the fuel along with condensation build up due to weather conditions. The blending of biofuels significantly adds to the problem. Water that has dropped to the bottom of the fuel tank can be drained off and disposed of as contaminated water. A failure to do so attracts the bigger problem of a micro-biological growth we know as Diesel Bug. This if left untreated will render the fuel unusable and eventually will block and damage the fuel system. Aquasolve turns water into the fuel.

Prevention is better than a cure

Aquasolve is available for any hydrocarbon, bio and aviation fuel. The fuel treatment eradicates the problem of water contamination, improves engine performance, carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Aquasolve is the result of extensive research to form a biostatic surfactant that has been laboratory and field tested to dissolve water in fuel permanently.

Regular use of Aquasolve will prevent microbiological or fungal growth known as Diesel Bug that quickly forms and will be drawn through the fuel system to rapidly clog up filters and damage injectors.

Extensive Testing & Development

Aquasolve was developed and tested extensively at London’s City University over the course of 12 years.

 Aquasolve can be added to any fuel in any engine and can be to work with crude or heavier fuels. Exhaustive compatibility testing has provided the technology with an acceptance within the industry. The compatibility testing protocols used were very similar to those currently required by the aero industry for aviation jet fuel. These tests are also applicable to the oil industry. The original formulation of Aquasolve was specifically designed for use with crude oils, rather than middle distillate fuels and gave the best results to date.

The Benefits of using Aquasolve

  • Water is permanently dissolved in Carbon, Bio and Aviation fuels
  • Reduced fuel consumption by up to 10%
  • Reduces harmful emissions by up to 70%
  • Aquasolve becomes a natural anti-freeze when mixed with fuel, reducing the freezing temperature to -20°C
  • Reduced risk of freezing fuel and fuel lines by improving the freeze curve
  • Diesel Bug (bacterial fungus) is cured and then prevented
  • Prevents rusting and corrosion of components
  • Overall engine performance is enhanced, cleansing filters and injectors
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Stabilises Bio and Ethanol fuels
  • Stabilises Ad Blue misfuelling

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