Lombardini Ecowind



Ecowind is an auxiliary unit for long distance trucks ensuring air conditioning, heating and electricity when the vehicle is parked. When the main engine of the vehicle is off Ecowind, powered by Lombardini engine, assures the same comfort of first installation A/C and heating system.


  • Air conditioning up
  • Heating
  • Generator of continuous electrical power
  • Automatic battery recharge


  • Any kind of industrial vehicle
  • New and used trucks
  • The system could be easily transferred from vehicle to another


The system is based on the action of the conditioned air compressor and alternator, wich are powered by an endothermic-engine driven belt

The auxiliary engine drives the compressor by a belt. Ecowind does not absorb power from the truck, but, indeed, recharges it through an alternator. When the main engine is off, Ecowind is the only auxiliary unit on the market today able to guarantee the same performances of the running vehicle A/C and heating system.

The power unit is composed of :

  • Single cylinder diesel Lombardini engine
  • Automotive compressor
  • Automotive alternator

The generator, together with the automatic battery loader, always garantee a perfect state of the vehicle batteries, avoiding problems and replacements.


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