Lombardini Sileo




The new frontier of silence

In a situation where the quality of the environment is becoming more and more important, and noise is more and more of a nuisance, Lombardini has succeeded in developing an innovative solution called Sileo - a light, sturdy, compact, elegant structure for its water-cooled engines.

The solution offered by Sileo is an encapsulated Power Pack that's ready to be installed.

The engine, radiator and muffler are encased in a light, compact, easy-to-handle capsule. And thanks to the advanced production processes used in their manufacture, Sileo Power Packs are exceptionally sturdy and durable.

Lombardini took great care at every step in Sileo design and obtained a highly advanced product. Besides the high performance of the engine and its surrounding structure, Sileo boasts an appearance that is easy to work into any type of machine (electric generator, welder, motorized pump, platform, hydraulic crane, etc.) and make it more innovative.

The reinforced capsule is built to withstand extremely severe stress, and it protects the engine and its accessories (radiator, fan, alternator) from the weather.
Reliability and durability are guaranteed by the time-tested sturdiness of FOCS Plus and CHD Plus engines.

Model Engine Type Displacement Power kW Noise Wheight Dimensions(mm)
Sileo 1000 LDW 1003 1028cm³ 18,5* 71** 190*** 860x630x735
Sileo 1400 LDW 1404 1372cm³ 23* 72** 215*** 860x630x735
Sileo 1600 CHD 1603 1649cm³ 26,5* 74** 275*** 920x792.3x859.5
Sileo 2200 LDW 2204 2199cm³ 34,5* 75** 311*** 920x792.3x859.5
*3000 r.p.m. NB ISO 3046 IFN - **dB(A) a 7 m - ***(Kg) Oil and cooling liquid included.
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