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The following links are for Aquasolve Fuel Treatment and come directly from the manufacturer. They are exhaustive and provide significant proof and explanations of how the Aquasolve Fuel Treatment works.

Regular use of Aquasolve Fuel Treatment will prevent microbiological or fungal growth known as Diesel Bug which quickly forms and will be drawn through the fuel system to rapidly clog up filters and damage injectors.

Compatibility & Stability Studies

Aqualsolve stability testStability Tests – Initial test

Aquasolve stability test conclusionStability Test Conclusion

Aquasolve Bio Fuels

Aquasolve Ethanol CompatibilityEthanol Compatibilty

Aquasolve Supplementary Studies with TallowFuel Supplementary Studies using Tallow

Aquasolve Engine Tests

City University, London – Engine tests with Aquasolve™Aquasolve-City-University-London-Engine-Test

Scientific proof of 9% fuel saving using Aquasolve™Aquasolve proof of fuel saving

Aquasolve Emissions

Emissions and Fuels Consumption TestsAquasolve emissions and fuel consumption test

Carbon EmissionsAquasolve carbon emissions test


Intertek Def Stan 91 test JET-A1 analysis reportAquasolve aviation fuel test

Aquasolve Fuel Treatment Data Sheet

Current Product Data SheetAquasolve product data sheet

Winter Diesel

Winter DieselAquasolve winter fuel test

Aquasolve Fuel Treatment in Detail

A Unique Fuel System TreatmentAquasolve and tallow


Liability InsuranceAquasolve liability insurance

Aquasolve Scientific Paper and Publications

Report on initial research by Prof ARD ThorleyAquasolve initial research

Aquasolve overview of water and liquids Overview of mixtures of water and liquid hydrocarbon fuels by Prof ARD Thorley

Water and Diesel Don’t MixAquasolve - Water and Fuel don't mix report

Stable Mixtures of Fuel and WaterAquasolve - stable mixtures of water and diesel

Fats for fuelsAquasolve - Fats for Fuels

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