Fuel Polishing Products

Available in 56 lpm to 350 lpm

High Flow Systems

300 lpm fuel polisher

High flow fuel polishing systems don’t just clean the fuel and are very useful in keeping the storage vessel clean inside as well. Our high flow fuel polishing systems agitate sludge and dirt caught in the corners and edges of the storage vessel. This action allows the sludge and dirt to pass through the system where it is contained within the filter elements. Generally speaking smaller fuel tank sizes (40,000 litres or less) would be fine with a 56 lpm fuel polisher. Another benefit of the high flow system is simply that the duration to fill, empty or recycle each tank is much less.

56 lpm Mobile Diesel Polisher

56 lpm Mobile Fuel Polishing Unit

Or popular mobile fuel polishing unit is perfect for onsite use and in large work yards. Weighing in at around 60kg it can be moved with ease and transported in work vans to customer sites. Unlike virtually all competitor products we utilize coalescence technology which is vital for cost effective water removal. Again unlike competitor products water and debris removal is handled within the single green housing. Other products on the market require two, one for water and one for debris. Filter elements can also hold their own weight in debris before blocking. Features include:

  • Water sensing control panel
  • Filter health gauge
  • Great for fitting in a Transit size van or yard use
  • Very long filter life compared to other brands of fuel polishers
  • Low weight at 60kg (with hoses & delivery gun)
  • 110 VAC or 240 VAC.

For a mobile unit our filtration efficiency is very high meeting ISO 4406, SAE J1488 & J1839 efficiencies.

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56 lpm Static Fuel Polishing Systems

NHS Bracton Centre Fuel Polisher
NHS Bracton Centre Fuel Polisher

Our most popular fuel polishing system is used where there is a backup power installation:

  • Hospitals
  • Data Centres
  • Office blocks
  • Grocery Supermarkets

The static fuel polishing system has integrated features that allow for low maintenance operation.

  • 150 ┬Ám washable pre-filter which protects the fuel pump from large debris
  • 24/7 Timer for user free operation
  • A particle counter which measures the number of foreign particles in the fuel (ISO 4406 calibrated).
  • IP65 Enclosure for weather sealing
  • Traffic light beacon to demonstrate unit status.

300 lpm Static Systems

300 lpm fuel polisher
NHS Watford

These larger systems utilize the same coalescence technology but have a high flow of 300 litres per minute. We are able to build fuel polishing systems that contain multiple filter housings to achieve higher flow rates. A system of this size would be ideal for tank sizes greater than 50,000 litres.

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