Unlocking Sellable MegaWatts

Testimonial from Energy Developments confirms that our OCM Filter System has increased sellable power while reducing maintenance costs.

The Operations Manager at Energy Developments Ltd confirms in a written testimonial.

  • Significant reductions in engine wear which are not only observed in the weekly oil analysis reports but also in component tolerance checks. We have seen that component life has been extended anywhere from 50% upwards. When we say component, we mean parts such as liners, small ends, gudgeon pins etc.
  • De-coke intervals have been extended anywhere from 30% upwards. On the trial site we observed that the need for de-coking halved.
  • Spark plugs stay clean for longer, have become easier to clean, which has helped improve engine starting and reduce downtime.
  • The sum of the above benefits means that our engines are now operating with reduced costs and the yearly uptime has increased.

Please contact us for a copy of this testimonial and product information. 

OCM Filter System

An example of an OCM Filter System connected to a Jenbacher J320 series engine. 

The unit easily connects to the engine sump and returns the oil to the engine block via crankcase doors. 

Low Maintenance – On landfill applications the unit needs only 6 services per year. 

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