Fuel Polishing

56 lpm Mobile Fuel Polishing Unit

Fuel polishing has been one of our key focuses since 2005 when our customers started expressing their frustrations about the increase in engine breakdowns occurring in their fleets.. This was a time where diesel was diesel and had not yet been blended with the troublesome bio products that we know today. Our original polishers were designed to remove organic microbes, water and dirt, but at that time water and dirt were the main problems. Today we face the same problems with the addition of fairly extreme organic microbial growth. Working with our customers and seeing their problems first hand we have developed a product range that is considered one of the most effective fuel polishing systems on the market today.

Fuel Polishing Systems

In the heart of our polishers we use a technology that utilises the mechanics of coalescence. In doing so our product is SAE rated and tested to remove emulsified water as we as free standing water. This is an essential piece of the system to be effective in managing today’s diesel fuel.

  •  Increased engine uptime.
  • Increased engine reliability.
  • Increased delivery of service to your customers.
  • Reduced number of breakdowns
  • Reduced risk of critical part failure (injectors & pumps).

Examples of Companies that use our Fuel Polishing Systems

Presently our systems are used by the following and more:

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What is Fuel Polishing?