Fuel Polishing System delivered to GWR


Fuel Polishing System delivered to GWR

We are pleased to announce that last month Great Western Railways took delivery of our 300 litre per minute fuel polishing system. This investment came after a successful testing program of fuel polishing in Scotland with (at the time) First ScotRail. Since April 2015 ScotRail has been operated by Abellio and is now known as Abellio ScotRail.


Most companies using high volumes of red or white diesel will at some point suffer from a diesel bug outbreak. Unfortunately the main cause of diesel bug is in the fuel delivered from the refinery. Biofuel is blended into all diesel at varying percentages and can be as high as 10%. Organic in its nature biofuel holds onto water and this side effect is virtually impossible to stop. The water becomes the habitat for organic microbes which lead to diesel bug outbreaks. The problem is virtually unavoidable without a fuel management program.

How to Manage the problems of Diesel Bug

We would suggest a two pronged approach:

  • Treat your fuel with a product called Aquasolve. This product dissolves water into tiny molecules, so small that the water becomes part of the fuel. The fuel and water passes through the fuel system and is burnt as normal. Watch the video about this product.
  • Process the fuel through a fuel polishing system to remove debris and diesel bug residue.

The combination of Fuel Polishing and Fuel Treatments will erase any problems associated with the water content in Biofuels and the microbial growths associated with the water. Read our guide on managing todays diesel.

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