May 2015 Fuel Polishers

Diesel Cleaning Trolleys

Fuel Polishing Buggies ready for Dispatch to Abird

Check out our latest batch of Fuel Polishing Buggies destined for Abird depots around the country. We are proud to say that all our units are built here in West Berkshire, United Kingdom using local fabricators and machinists. Final assembly and testing takes place at our warehouse in Thatcham, Berkshire. This latest build includes two upgrades from previous version that includes solid wheels instead of pneumatic tyres & a minor thread adjustment on the filter lid. As with all our manufactured filtration systems they meet the following filtration efficiency:

  • SAE J1488 – 99% Emulsified water removal.
  • SAE J1839 – 99% Free standing water removal.
  • 99% 5 micron debris removal.
  • Better than ISO4406 18/16/13 fuel cleanliness.

These are perfect for transferring fuel at a high flow of 50 lpm from tank to tank with the benefit of the diesel having been cleaned in the process. By using this filtration you can eliminate water, debris and dieselbug from your diesel in just one pass. The unit can also be used to recycle diesel in a tank by inserting the return and delivery hose into the same fuel tank. Just work on the idea that it would take four times as long to clean all the fuel as it would in one single pass.

Filter Solutions Ltd also manufactures static high flow fuel cleaning systems for large volume fuel stores. Suitable for data centres, supermarkets, hospitals, offices, essentially any site where there is standby/backup power generators.

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