NHS Bracton Centre Fuel Polisher Install

NHS Bracton Centre Fuel Polisher

Fuel Polishing System install at NHS Bracton Centre (Oxleas) is now complete.

After becoming aware of potential diesel contamination problems in other hospitals The Bracton Centre investigated their own site storage of diesel fuel. Comprehensive fuel testing was performed and results showed that the fuel was not clean enough to pass an ISO 4406 score of 18/16/13. This benchmark of 18/16/13 is considered to be the industry standard baseline fuel quality for use in combustion engines and alike. The fuel stored onsite is designated for use with an emergency power diesel generator and MUST be reliable for use and therefore must meet ISO 4406 18/16/13 cleanliness code.

NHS Bracton Centre Generator Compound

The site consists of a 10,600 litre fuel tank supplied by Turners Fabrications and a 650kVA standby generator installed by Powermain. Our fuel polishing system now recycles the fuel in the bulk tank on a daily basis, ensuring that the diesel is free from contaminants. The system consists of:

150 micron pre-filter

5 micron main filter

Laser particle analyser

24/7 timing function

BMS outputs for various alarms and events

The system is built into an IP65 panel, all wiring meets BS7671:2008 standards and is mounted on Unistrut legs and framework.

In the last month of operation the fuel polishing system has achieved an ISO 4406 cleanliness code of 12/10/8. This code represents a fuel quality that would be acceptable to aviation standards.

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