Fuel Polishing System ordered by NHS

NHS Hospital Polishing System

NHS order Fuel Polishing System for standby generators

NHS orders a Fuel Polishing System from Filter Solutions Ltd.

The hospital has one backup generator and 10600 litres of red diesel stored in case of a power outage. Despite being quite a new installation testing has indicated the beginnings of a microbial outbreak in the tank. Without some sort of management program this would certainly escalate into a problem and pose a huge risk to the reliability of the backup power. The program will consist of an initial fuel clean using a high flow 350 lpm polishing plant. Followed by a permanent installation of a 50 lpm polishing system that recycles both the generator & bulk tanks. The use of a BPR approved biocide is also a critical step in the program. The biocide kills the diesel bug already in the tank and prevents new spawning. Dead dieselbug will be removed through the polishing system. The net result of this installation is that fuel will be cleaner than ISO4406 standards and the risk of a breakdown due to bad diesel virtually zero. Installation photos of the polishing system to follow.

Filter Solutions Ltd manufactures fuel polishing systems from 50 lpm up to 300 lpm with very high filtration efficiency. The filter technology used is called coalescing filtration and is the key component in the polishers. These systems can be found at Data Centres, Supermarkets, High Rise office blocks and other places where backup power is installed. See more about these polishing systems here.